Ivory Soap Coupons – Save $0.25 on ONE Ivory Body Wash or ONE 3 Bar Soap

Save $0.25 on ONE Ivory Body Wash or ONE 3 Bar Soap

Are you looking for a great deal on soap and body washes? Well, now you can save a little money on Ivory Body Wash or Bar.  Ivory Soap has been around since the first light bulb was being invented, which is appropriate considering what a fantastic idea floating soap is. Why floating soap? Well, it’s helpful if you live in the late 1800s and bathe in a river, or if you live in the early 2000s and need an “iceberg” for your rubber ducky, Mr. Quackington, to swim around.

How good is Ivory soap? Your MOM recommends it! As much as that sounds like a bad mom joke, please don’t take it as one. The probability that she uses it is actually quite high, given 4 out of 5 moms recommend Ivory products.

You shouldn’t be surprised–moms are smart ladies. They probably recommend it because Ivory soap is made of 99.44 percent pure soap ingredients–not synthetics. It’s like rubbing your body with 24k gold, except with… you know… soap. Oh, and one more thing–made proudly in the USA, Ivory soap puts the white in the Red, White and Blue. Don’t miss this great deal on Ivory 12 oz Body Wash or 3 Bar.

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